'Crybaby Trump,' hilarious Peter Serafinowicz video


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'Sassy Donald Trump meets Bill O'Reilly,' a crazy Peter Serafinowicz voice dub

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. If Trump’s campaign were a Carl Hiaasen novel, critics and readers would say “Oh, Carl’s jumped the shark, this is TOO unbelievable, TOO ridiculous.” Whew.


Thanks to videos like this, all my daughter knows about Trump is that he says mean things but does really funny voices.


I posted one of these videos earlier in another thread.

The voice-overs almost make the ceaseless bullshit that flows from his mouth amusing.


So is Serafinowicz making fun of Trump using the stereotype of a gay lisp? Or is that supposed to be a different accent?


So is Serafinowicz making fun of Trump using the stereotype of a gay lisp? Or is that supposed to be a different accent?

It started specifically as a Liberace voice-parody…

… and I think that’s what it remains except not as many people recognize Liberace’s speech/voice stylings these days as “Liberace” per se so the vids get labeled with random ‘funny voice’ labels.

Of course now it seems silly, but Liberace had that speaking voice while claiming to be straight and having women swoon over him back in ‘the day’ - and LIberace is (was) a celebrity that people impersonated because he was iconic and unique and a character (but not because he was secretly gay).
So, while what P.S. is doing is not merely a ‘stereotypical gay voice’ here, I think such confusion could be understood these days.
But is specifically ‘LIberace-based’.

The first vid Serafinowicz did like this is labeled '‘Liberace Trump’


This is hilarious, however Trump is creepy beyond all belief in his own voice.


Holyfuckingshit that tRump is an asshole.




“Douchenozzle” comes to mind


But what kind of idiot brings a baby to a political rally? And even if you DO bring him, then WHY does he need to get a microphone, a podium, and airtime?



It certainly makes him sound more sympathetic than his actual crass delivery.



No, not so much.

Less like a sleazy lizardman and more like an actual human being (albeit one who is still an asshole?)



Good analysis. Thanks for the comments.


With another voice I have zero sympathy, but Trump’s actual voice contains such a degree of totally unwarranted smugness (plus the sleazy lizardman thing) that my sympathy goes into the negative, i.e. it gives me a very strong urge to punch him in the face repeatedly…


You think the Secret Service has the time to visit every dope who says stuff like this? Come on, make a real threat or go home.


I like to think that some day, that crying baby will grow up and brag to their friends that he or she was instrumental in keeping Donald Trump out of the White House in 2016. That should be worth a round of drinks at least.


Like someone else pointed out, he is definitely doing a Liberace. Which is funny because it actually fits. Trump is a similarly over-the-top fancy rich famous guy in many of the same ways. If you didn’t know Trump, you could believe that’s his real voice. It’s a dig at his overblown masculinity but it at the same time somehow also makes him more genuine/likeable. I think this is pure genius satire right here on Peter’s part. We need more of this.


Look, I love crying babies, okay? And I’ve made sacrifices…huuuuuge sacrifices, like working sometimes, speaking over crying babies, inheriting only $40 million, having to wait for the airport crew to service my plane. Believe me, I’ve made plenty of sacrifices. And crying babies are my favorite. I love them so much. So much. They’re tremendous.