SASSY TRUMP: 'Obama Founded ISIS'


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I love this so much.
This is the only way I’m going to watch Trump speak from now on.


I refuse to accept that we do not have the power to make a plug in or an app or something that would translate trump live in this manner.

Maybe a few second delay, but it has to be do-able by some of those boffins who bought the “learn to program” courses that BB is hawking.

If trump actual ascends to the presidency, this would be a necessity.


For all of his manly brash talk, popularity with red state meatheads, and bragging about the size of his junk, Trump’s gestures have always been weirdly… fey. This voice just helps!


I think I’m going to have to take a break from all Trump-related news, lest I start having dreams about him.


His crowd reminds me of Jerry Springers audience. They probably think that’s a compliment.


There’s a website for that:


The really amazing bit about this speech was the follow up - someone tried to give him an out and asked if he was trying to say that Obama’s policies had fueled Daesh’s growth, he responded that, no, he actually meant Obama founded ISIS… The media are now widely having to preface his statements with something like, “Trump made the factually incorrect assertion that…” or “Trump said X, but the reality is Y” without having to couch it in faux-objectivity by talking about “controversial statements.” They finally seem to have developed enough guts to actually admit when something is objectively wrong.


CNN’s headlines about it read “Trump states Obama literally founded ISIS (he didn’t )”


Holy shit, that’s incredible, but there’s only one dream up there so far. Disappointed.


Does anyone know who the guy in the suit rolling his eyes is? Is this a dangerous question to answer (for that guy, not the person actually telling the answer)? Is the possibility that this is a dangerous question mean something is wrong here?


Yeah, the parenthetical correction seems to be an increasingly common addendum to Trump statements in CNN headlines.


Until the belated and inevitable GEEZ I WAS OBVIOUSLY BEING SARCASTIC YOU MORONS statement issued earlier today.


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A bunch of tweets – Zapp Brannigan reading Trump tweets. (Obviously, voiced by Billy West.)


I am confused: Why is the dubbing funny or informative rather than offensive?

Context: I was around in the 70’s, when this speech pattern was inaccurately but homophobicaly called “gay” (or worse). Talking like this in the wrong bar just might have gotten you beaten up.

Thankfully, we’ve (mostly) moved on from this.

Since I assume this dubbing isn’t trying resurrect the old destructive stereotype that individuals who to talk in this manner are “queer”, unmanly, and deserving of abuse, I am at loss as to why this dubbing is interesting. What is the point? Am I missing a contemporary joke?

Are the old stereotypes so defanged that we can now reuse them for entertainment without being hurtful?

Would it be okay to redo this clip using the voicing of Steppin Fetchit?

How about the Frito Bandito ?

Because the Frito Bandito spouting Trump’s usual drivel about Mexico could be hilarious.

I appreciate any guidance.



I like the guy in the bright green shirt’s eye rolls.


The guy who created this series said he was specifically trying to impersonate Liberace, who most people didn’t realize was gay at the time (it was a different era) but was celebrated for his flamboyant and larger-than-life personality.

Sassy Trump Sings 'The Star-Spangled Banner'

hrm. No wonder I’m confused.

In my time and place, most people thought of Liberace as “queer”.

Liberace worked into his jokes. For example, when Journalism Legend ™ Edward R Murrow interviewed Liberace on Person to Person, Edward asked “why haven’t you married.” Liberace replied, “I guess I just haven’t met the right girl” and made a very knowing smile at the camera. Even I got the joke.

Liberace was the Oscar Wilde of the 60s: such a big star, he could get away with acting “queer” because it was his public persona. Not unlike how Sammy Davis Jr could walk into places other black men were forbidden.

I appreciate your helpful reply: whatever the intent or modern context, Peter is knowingly channelling an obsolete gay trope.



But don’t forget he also (successfully!) sued The Daily Mirror for libel after they printed a story accusing him of being a homosexual.