Trump mocks Asians


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Trump the Chump

This image needs to accompany every mention of Trump’s trade policies with China.

The Emperor has no American-Made clothes.


So his criticism of “those people” is that. . . they are hard bargainers? Isn’t that what he is promising to be?

This is my problem with the Tea Bagger style of patriotism: they are perplexed by the idea that other countries have interests which are not AMERICA’s interests.


Vote for Your Creepy Racist Uncle in 2016!


No, his criticism is of Jeb Bush, who he asserting is a low energy weak willed guy that will get eaten alive by foreigners.

He isn’t really criticizing the Asian peoples, he just added as a racist aside that they all speak in broken English.


I hate it when people take things outta context. If you watch the entire clip, he is comparing bargaining styles against ol’ Jebby. I may not agree with everything Trump, but he is not mocking, he is saying that when Japanese or Chinese come in for business, they mean business (what Trump says he’s about), not let’s chit chat about the weather (what he’s claiming Jeb is about). Most people, I would hope, are laughing about the comparison.


Saying “We want deal!” is still mocking them, regardless of whether he is using that mocking to explain how they’re such hard bargainers compared to Jeb Bush.


And yet he’ll still become President


Are we at all surprised at this point when Trump does something your racially insensitive grandfather would do? Or that his base, such as it is, is made up of people who would find said acts hilarious?


If nothing else, Trump is at least helping Republicans realize how crap their other candidates and cable news channel are.


Sure, but whose Cantonese is better Trump or Bush?


I find them hilarious, but probably not in the same way. :wink:


Ah, okay. That’s. . . better? I guess?


Poking fun of accents is a comedic staple. French, Russian, Italian, English, Southerner, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, etc. The way people pronounce things can be funny, or it can add to the character of the story, or just them saying something you wouldn’t expect them to say - such as a French person saying “McDonalds”.

I really don’t think mimicking accents is necessarily racist by itself. It The context of what they are saying could be racist however. It depends.


So many times during election cycle I’ve heard it said that the Republicans have a “deep bench” compared to the Democrats. I don’t think that’s right. I think it’s the opposite. They have few good people, so it’s not hard for any ol’ idiot to be considered a “serious candidate.” I think the emergence of Trump as a frontrunner has proven that’s the case.


You’re right, it is a comedic staple. However, Trump is not on LAST COMIC STANDING, he’s running for goddam President. And possibly winning the nomination of a major political party. The American id is ugly and fucking terrifying.

Also RIP John Pinette.


Yeah, I guess it all depends on ones definition of “better”


Unless you’re seeking to position yourself as the leader of the world’s largest economy which has crucial diplomatic and trade relations with France, Russia, Italy, England, Spain, China, Japan, etc.


Christina Kirchner (president of Argentina) did this first, and she was even in China when she did it. And I feel like Berlusconi must have done this, but I don’t see any ready evidence on the web.


Let’s not forget this Eddie Murphy classic…