Sassy Trump Sings 'The Star-Spangled Banner'

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I have a feeling 20 yrs from now people will be playing the supercut of this at parties.

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is that the hologram tv kind of share or the around a fire in a tin can in a bombed out waste land kind of share?


That’s a great question! The pessimist me says the latter - ala Max Headroom dystopia.

The optimist says the former - ala Holodeck.

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why is boing boing promoting homophobia

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I’ve had multiple people ask me “why is what he did wrong? He’s singing along to the anthem is that not allowed or something?”

My response as been: it’s not that it isn’t allowed. The issue is he’s doing exactly what a 7 yr old would do. He stands still for a couple seconds then he has to start wiggling a bit. Then he hums or mumbles. He breaks into full dance. He behaves exactly like a 7 yr old with ADHD. Except he isn’t. He is the president of the United States. THAT is what’s wrong.

And the sassy trump voice over completely enhances how wrong he is.


This is a conversation I’ve always been curious about starting. It does feel homophobic to me. If there’s been a thread talking this out already, could someone please link me to it? Thanks.


The saddest part, really, is that he does not appear to know all the words.


I had trouble finding an answer to the intention behind this, but here is the closest I could dig up:

I don’t think it’s homophobic. I think Peter S. took what he saw with the volume off and ended up with this characterization that he thought fit best.

The fact it sounds like a gay stereotype makes it cut that much deeper - I can’t imagine a way to upset Trump’s self-image more other than to depict him as poor and powerless as well.


Homophobia = Gay Fear. This is sarcastic humor, not something to be afraid of. You won’t catch teh ghey.

Even sadder is that during the Star Spangled Banner he should be in silent reflection upon the sacrifices made by veterans who gave their lives in service to the country. Not singing and wiggle dancing to bring attention to himself. It’s not a fcking baseball game.


It has been covered before and i believe the videos were originally titled ‘liberace trump’.

Thanks for the links! I appreciate it. I’m still not convinced, I’m at a 70% - 30% split on this (70 it’s homophobic, 30% open to hearing why using a voice like that is subversive). If Peter weren’t a straight dude, I could read more subversion into it. Since watching Anita’s “The Unmanning of Trump”, I feel like undermining Trump’s masculinity (which does NOT mean his misogyny and sexism) does more harm than good.

To me it’s representative of the “thinking” voice, done by somebody who can’t mimic the target’s voice very well.

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