'Sassy Donald Trump meets Bill O'Reilly,' a crazy Peter Serafinowicz voice dub

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Part of me is amused by these, and part of me is like, what’s the point? He’s already so ridiculous in pure form, I don’t think it really needs any enhancement or additional spin. It speaks for itself! And so do the people who support him. Now we know who’s racist! I think maybe it’s a good thing this is putting it all out there. It will be a singular moment people will look back on, and (hopefully) say, What the FUCK were they thinking?!?!


I don’t know… have you met some of these people? They’ve never been wrong or doubted themselves a day in their life. I think they’re just plain incapable of learning from past mistakes.


Oh, I was very much talking about future generations… heheh

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Even that is more Trump than I can stand.
A whiney baby with short fingers.

He should do these videos with an eight-year-old dubbing the voice. That would be more appropriate.


It’s funny cos he sounds gay and gay people are funny cos they’re gross

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Didn’t the GOP spend at least an entire day of their convention attacking Hillary?

And Trump was upset that this one guy had something to say about him at the DNC?

Of course Trump is still pissed about stuff SPY magazine said about him 20 years ago, so whatever.

It’s hard to know what goes through his head. Like maybe he thinks “all publicity is good publicity” (so why not start a feud with the parents of a dead war hero), or if all he ever really thinks is “DONALD TRUMP” twenty-four hours a day.


This was covered in the previous Trump dub:


Future generations raised under the harsh but fair guiding fist of President For Life Trump?

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Or at least unmanly. Not real men.

Thing is, and I say this as someone without a stereotypically manly voice - I sing tenor - Trump already sounds effete in his own voice. He always sounds like a whiny baby.


Eh, missed the point … WHOOSH!! Still, I think Paul Lynde would have had a blast with this.


I know what you mean, and generally I’m not OK with making campness the butt of jokes. If I didn’t know this was Peter Serafinowicz I might be more bothered. But it’s funny because it’s exactly the sort of ugly, childish mockery Trump directs at others, only better executed and much more on target. It’s funny because of the tantrump you know it would cause if Trump ever saw it.

Serafinowicz did basically the same joke about another bigoted gasbag with pathetic macho delusions a few years ago:


Shoot, I dunno. I get it’s in jest but comes across as more human than his natural presentation.

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What was the point

I love the sudden drop in pitch when talking about how he knows it’s a sacrifice. Makes it sound so artificial (as I’m sure it was).

I think the point is to make fun of a deeply flawed, but extremely dangerous character. It is one way humans have of dealing with adversity, you know, without calling on the 2nd amendment.

That would mean I didn’t miss the point tho. I just disagree with using the gay voice to take the piss.

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