'Heterosexual Trump.' a new 'Sassy Trump' from Peter Serafinowicz


But I can understand why @SamWinston would find that offensive, can’t you? Being gay isn’t a bad thing, it just is. So, it’s kind of a fine line between gay being a slur and making fun of people who are homophobic.


No kidding. Is Iowa really so homogeneous that an all-white football team is a normal thing? And if so, why do we keep letting them have the first stab at deciding who the candidates to represent the entire country will be?


Absolutely, I’m not saying he shouldn’t be offended by it. But I think that context is super important here, and there’s a lot more to Serafinowicz’s Trump videos than “ha ha gay people sound funny”. Whether he’s using a cockney thug voice or an effeminate gay voice to dub Trump’s actual words, it’s to show how his exact phrasing can take on a whole new meaning with just a change of tone and inflection. That’s why I’m not offended by his videos; I’m a gay man but I don’t take them as making fun of gay people in general, at all.


Fair enough!


Because taking that first stab away from Iowa would be racist against white people.



I don’t know much about Iowa’s team, but google pics show quite a few “non-whites”. Perhaps they didn’t want to be photographed with Trump (or Trump didn’t want to be photo’d with them?) Dunno, maybe the non-white players skipped the rally because it was for Trump.


Hetero male here … And for awhile now I’ve been thinking “Well it’s funny because it’s Trump but it’s kinda insulting to gay people” but I thought well I’m never the first one offended, and nobody had said anything about it so I guess it’s just me assuming others would be insulted.


I barely knew any of those people … Probably because of my nationality and assisted by the fact I live in box.


Hey, look, Trump has disabled supporters!


Kinda surprised he didn’t jump on that. “Well look at this guy, my gimp! He’s a great gimp, folks! Loves me like they all do. Those gimps, yes, they’re good people!”


Personally he’s reminding me of Heller. That scene where Spider headbutts someone at Heller’s rally and people start cheering him for being a real American for doing so. Trump reminded me of that reallll early.


I’ve been watching these thinking it is really borderline stuff, I appreciate your perspective and I think you probably speak for a lot of people.

Xeni just LOVES them to bits though! I find it hard to fault her, so I’m always trying to excuse these. It takes a fair amount of effort to smother the cognitive dissonance though.


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