Mark Hamill is recording Trump tweets in his Joker voice


Three shall be the number of the counting and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither shalt thou count two, excepting that thou then proceedeth to three. Five is right out. :rabbit2:


This really does put things in perspective.

It is just inconceivable that a soon-to-be President of the United States could utter the words:

Happy New Year to all, including to my many enemies and those who have
fought me and lost so badly they just don’t know what to do.

The only voice that can utter these words is an evil arch villain.

                      “Revenge against all my enemies, they should die like pigs in hell.”


Also in the new flash series actually, again playing the trickster.


Back in the day it was a kick checking the TAS credits and seeing his name. It made me pay attention to voice talent in other series, like Gargoyles: The Next Generation.


Damn you.

You had me thinking they had made a new Gargoyles property, before ISWYDT.


He should just pick a random Drumpf tweet from the week and read it out in the Joker voice. That would make the next 4 years worth living for.




Hell, somebody set up a Kickstarter for this, and we could subscribe to every Trump speech in this voice. It’s about the only way I could bring myself to tune in to the state of the Union address anymore.


I miss Phil Hartman, too.


Or SpongeBob. I knew that the Lord Royal Highness sounded familiar…


You can’t tell them apart… Oh, ok one is Green haired and the other is Orange haired!


Seems appropriate; if a petulant megalomaniac billionaire hate-monger meets in a tower with his NAME on it, you call BATMAN, not VOTE for him!

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