Watch the incredible facial expressions of this new audio-animatronic Abraham Lincoln


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Seems odd seeing Abraham Lincoln pulling cute faces. I wonder if they weren’t encouraged to “Disneyize” him and make him too cute.


Apparently one of their previous failed projects has gone rogue.


Why is this song used in every Civil War related production?


That was a whole bunch of creepy.


Amazing expressions. There’s a few moments where the eyes get all googly, but his main role at WDW will be reciting the Gettysburg Address, so he’ll be a lot more toned down in reality.

Fun fact: when the first Lincoln audio-animatronic debuted, his lubrication system broke, and the red liquid lubricant started coming out of his eyes and joints, which was probably the worst way for people to first see a robot Lincoln.


Go home, Abe, yer drunk!


You could put your weed in there.


Meet the new Mayor of Uncanny Valley.


That’s amazing! It moves exactly like a cartoon of Abraham Lincoln!


I wonder if they released this video of Lincoln expressing shock, disgust, dismay, revulsion, goofiness, sadness, insanity, horror, embarrassment, and despair, so some wags could overlay audio of Trump saying a series of things that would align with the expressions? And by that, I mean just the normal sorts of things Trump says in the course of a typical day. Here’s hoping!


Are they outsourcing the Imagineers? Keep Disney jobs in Disney!



“Two weeks!”


I think Daniel Day-Lewis did a much better job.


Never had Abe down as an over-actor. Ah well.


just seems way cartoony- but maybe they need that so it can play to large and usually empty Hall of Presidents in Disneyland…


First thought is that it would look more realistic with less movement. I get that this was to show off the range of expressions, but it cycled through them too quickly to appear human. I’d like to see another video of it speaking with more subtlety.

Second thought- How realistic is the skin, and can they do a Scarlett Johansen model? Asking for a friend.


I think this might be some of their work too —


And I’m surprised no one thought of this.