All the best parts of Donald Trump's speech to the Republican National Convention


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At first I was all

And then I was all


I was slightly disappointed, because I remember the publication of a book called something like “The wit and wisdom of Ronald Reagan.” It consisted entirely of blank pages.


Needs more gold…


And here’s the very best part.


As an American, the idea of a Trump presidency makes me feel like I can no longer relate to the concept of “American”, or my fellow citizens, and makes me feel like an outsider in my own country. I shook my head and facepalmed through two George W. Bush presidencies, but this would be the last straw.

Fortunately, my significant other is a citizen of a much more progressive country, and I can easily leave, in case he is to actually win. Which we were jokingly planning to do, but is becoming more frightening. As Drumpf would say, SAD!


the republican national convention usually features at least some racist elements, although most times it seems implied rather than overt but this year was all–


Will you adopt me so I can go, too?


Even that was disturbing to watch.


Can I come along? I don’t eat much and I can fit in a suitcase.


I wonder if Hugo Chavez had a psychotic break when he died, then his ghost melded with the ghosts of Huey Long and Pol Pot, and the whole rat-king of despotic flailing inhabited the body of Donald Trump?

I had to change the channel out of self preservation, but what I saw scared the shit out of me.

All the best parts of Donald Trump's speech to the Republican National Convention
So, the whole speech?*


  • Trump 2016!


Laugh now because President Trump will be the only one laughing at his inauguration with future first lady Margot Robbie.


Implying I’m not okay with this.

Wait does that make Donald Trump the Joker…
(probably more DeVito less Ledger…)


If Trump wins, I may come back briefly to take care of some business, but otherwise, I definitely plan to stay outside the country throughout his presidency. And if it looks like America embraces the fucker, I may not come back after.


If Trump wins, meh.

I mean the right was saying we should be in some serious socialist shit hole by now with Obama’s presidency, yet here we are with a few social issues half ass worked on and an economy that’s barely moving along. All in all I would say it hasn’t been the Hope and Change that either side thought it would be.

With Hillary I expect another 8 years of what we just had/have. (Which personally I’m not happy about considering my economic standpoint hasn’t changed much during that time.) With Trump I expect some issues, maybe some long term positive economic things, probably a lot of bickering about social issues. All in all I don’t expect WW3. Although the way I see it, our current trajectory and most others I see leads to social/economic chaos. We can weather the calm for some decades or go ahead and rip the band-aid off…either way:


I hear ya! This election cycle is being very effective at removing any tiny traces of regret that may have lingered after renouncing my US citizenship a few years back.



It is something to think about.

When President Trump starts rounding up all the Muslims and Mexicans, what are you going to do? Keep your heads down as Good Germans?

I don’t think that protest marches and internet petitions are going to cut it.


Donald Trump has a Piece of Eden?

We’re fucked.