All the best parts of Donald Trump's speech to the Republican National Convention

i find your complacency very troubling. without even being elected president trump has already had a powerful negative effect on the united states with his acceptance speech last night. by calling the credibility of nato into question and by calling on white america to give in to its worst racial fears he has put europe and americans of color in greater danger. add to that his profound case of attention deficit disorder (not to mention his narcissism), trump could be a complete catastrophe as president. i’m personally pretty excited at the prospect of voting for clinton. she’s running well to the left of her campaign in 2008 which was already to the left of bill clinton’s presidency. although i believe she has a troubling tendency to favor military responses more than obama does i think she will make a fairly decent president. i cannot say the same about trump.


Even if Trump were Hitler incarnate,(which I don’t believe, but he certainly HAS signaled appreciation of despots who were just as evil) the US in 2016 is NOT Germany in 1936. We’ve had 150 years of peaceful transfers of power, and slowly improving democracy. In the Germany of 1936 by contrast, democracy was a relatively new import. For all his talk about being a deal maker, I put Trump’s chances of getting much through congress as very low indeed. He just doesn’t have the patience for the political process, and in the US, for the most part people won’t blindly follow his orders.


George W. Bush seemed like a largely -harmless buffoon until he started a couple of disastrous wars. If anything Trump is worse. Let’s not underestimate the stakes here.


That’s the shred of hope I’m holding onto, too. You know how tooth-and-nail the Republicans fought to undermine Obama and kick is legs out from under him? Double that coming from the left AND the right during a Trump presidency.

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Together we can take him down.

The question is once the Trumpster becomes bored with it and checks out except for photo ops, who would be the Svengali behind the throne. Who will be HIS Dick Cheney? I hear Rodger Ailes is looking for a job.

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It’s not going to be Pence, then?

In other news, can someone please offer a comforting rebuttal to what Michael Moore has been saying lately?


I never thought i’d hear him or any right wing conservative talk about protecting LGBTQ rights but the way he pronounced LGBTQ was surreal, like his mouth had never put those letters together in that combination before. Not that i want to focus on his mouth much: a howling, foaming void and you just know those teeth go all the way down like shai-hulud.


I’m still half-convinced that this is a PR stunt and not a real product, but there are other people with the same idea:


—Might well be. Predicting what the Donald will do is probably a sucker game… I’m curious to find out his reaction when he discovers that the can’t fire congressmen.


All I ever think about with Trump is that his biggest resume item he relies on as a presidential candidate has been his business acumen. He (albeit his companies) have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy four times in the last 25 years. Now yes Chapter 11 can be a shrewd business move, and it is not always based off of bad business decisions or bad leadership; however, Trump can’t have this both ways.

As a President of the US you must ultimately be in charge. You must own up to your decisions and choices and take ownership. As Truman said “The buck stops here.” Donald often spouts how HE is personally responsible for the growth of his empire…well, then you must also be responsible for its failures too.

So…its a or b…
a) He is a figure head who has no control or authority in his empire and he is neither responsible for the success or failures therein.

b) He is the ultimate authority and in control of everything and any success is due to his leadership and every failure is also due to his leadership.

In either case his sole claim to “I’d be the best president because…” is bunk. It is exactly why he would be a TERRIBLE president.


I’m not sure I’d characterize the basis of Moore’s assertion as ‘complacency’ even though, yes, he used exactly that word towards the end. That’s part of it, don’t get me wrong, but what resonated with me the most is what he said earlier about how people just like Trump’s roll.

Forget discourse about policy. Forget discourse, period. Truth? Doesn’t matter. Trump’s an ‘outsider’ (bullshit) and dammit, he said he’s going to make America great again. What more does a desperate voter need?

So yeah, I agree with Moore. The way things stand right now, I see the general election going Trump’s way.

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She will of course refer to him as “Mr. Donald J.”

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Pol Pot, unlike Donald Trump, could actually lead a political movement to do more than just scream “them!” To horrible ends, true, but the dude could lead


That editor’s note, tho…

Man I wish this just became the standard editor’s note on all stories about Trump…


“Duyba was a low-energy loser who only managed to start two wars. Sad! First act in White Hose will be to repeal all peace!” ~ Donald Trump, Twitter


I was getting nauseous watching him last night just with the facial expressions he was pulling.
I was both amused and confused by his advocating some very Democratic policies - some New Deal-style massive government spending on public works (while also increasing the military and decreasing taxes…).

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I know the solution for Trump

1 part Drumpf 20 parts water.


Wouldn’t that solution push Trump right to the precipitate?


Nah, Trump is highly soluble, just ask any business he’s owned.

oh wait, you can’t. they are no longer solvent teehee