Help wanted: Creative Commons is hiring a new CEO


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The problem with working for Creative Commons is that anyone can come up to you and take part of your paycheck, so long as they properly attribute you as the source when spending the money.


Creative commons is at an inflection point? You mean, it’s second derivative is changing sign? Does the person who wrote that even know what an inflection point is?

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Okay, fine, I’ll do it. But you guys owe me.

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“it’s second derivative”

Does the person who wrote this comment even know how to properly use an apostrophe?

No I don’t. Fuck you too.

Sorry, that was uncalled for. What I meant to say was: no, I don’t know how to use an apostrophe,from time to time.

But I do know what an inflection point is. And a step change. And I’m* tired of seeing this sort of nonsense deployed by blowhards. And I think that seeing it in a recruitment ad suggests that blowhards might have gained the upper hand in the Creative Commons.

So, thanks for worrying about minor grammatical errors, when the real problem may be somewhere else. Oh, BTW, did you hear that grammar Nazis don’t call it the SS, they call it the S’ ?

  • oooh, apostrophe. Used correctly.

Its disappointing that the current CEO is walking away before they have found replacement and that the organization with be leaderless for the foreseeable future.

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