After advertiser complaints, Farm News fires editorial cartoonist for criticizing John Deere & Monsanto


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Jeez, it’s not liked he actually showed the CEOs!


Is it too meta to say I’d like to connect with the cartoonist on LinkedIn?
he’s obviously NOT the asshole in this story, but 21 years of experience as a cartoonist! the stories he could tell! the loves lost! the lives made and ruined!

The only job more lucrative and prestigious than cartoonist is interpretive dance


If they’re going to kowtow to these guys by firing someone, shouldn’t it be the editor who made the decision to print the cartoon?

The paper is free to pucker up to advertisers and allow their content to be influenced as a result. Sad, but it’s their right. However, they also make the editorial calls, and they decided to run the cartoon in the first place. He was apparently unaware of the speak no ill of advertisers policy. I think it’s safe to say that the cartoonist could easily win a wrongful dismissal suit.


Why does DuPont Pioneer get a pass here?

The unnamed seed dealer who complained is just as likely to have been a Pioneer dealer as a Monsanto dealer.


that, and I don’t think John Deere sells a lot of seeds.


There should be no sacred cows with political/editorial cartoonists.


There should also be no censorship, but saying “should” doesn’t really change the world.

The weird part is, he didn’t actually criticize Monsanto et al. He said their executives are paid a lot of money, which is a fact. The reader is free to look at that and say, “good for them!” or “eat the rich!” It sounds like the seed dealer is quite the leftist.


Yeah, as far as taking jabs at something, that was pretty mild.


So, basically, he got fired for saying CEOs make more than farmers.


He was a cartoonist for 21 years and he still draws like that? The two farmers look like they have broken arms. Or like they’re dancing, instead of standing and shootin the shit.


That’s what happens when they piece you back together from falling into a thresher.

Also, just saying, this guy does pretty well…


Well yeah, his figures are simple, but they’re never so off that limbs look broken when they shouldn’t. I’ve actually come to appreciate the subtlety with which Munroe draws those simple figures. The positioning of the head and bodies always seem to add meaning, meaning that fits right along with or enhances the words. It can’t be as easy as it looks. E.g.,


Discussing facts is a revolutionary act. Apparently.


Reality has a well-known liberal bias.


Fair enough, but don’t ignore the thresher accidents. They look amazing considering what they have been through.


I’ve always said that facts are the first defense of a scoundrel. The principle is the same – facts are not just facts, they are always filtered through a lens. Do you know what? I spend more money on coffee than many Iowa farmers make all year! Sounds scandalous, right? Well, lots of farms lose money some years. But a fact none-the-less, filtered through a very distorted lens.


Just ask Erdogan


The truth hurts.


average cash income of a farm: 94,000
Kullman’s salary: 12 million
Grant’s salary: 11.9 million
Allen’s salary: 15 million

Seeing the string ‘viral’ in a url makes me feel extra scummy, but there you have it.