Bob Mankoff, New Yorker's cartoon editor, is retiring


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Late stage capitalism.


Well I’d still like to add him to my professional network on LinkedIn.


You beat me to it :smiley:


Christ, what an asshole.


How do you do, fellow kids? I’m not really understanding the reactions here for this guy or New Yorker cartoons. Is it that New Yorker cartoons are pretentious and not cool (and by extension this guy is the same) or are we commenting on some perceived decadence/death spiral of print media (perhaps especially the New Yorker)?


“Christ, what an asshole”, and “Late stage capitalism” are running gags on Boing Boing with regard to New Yorker cartoons. The idea being that you can put either of those phrases under pretty much any New Yorker cartoon to produce a rib-tickler.


"In B4 “Christ, what an asshole” comment."
Fine, fine, I’ll leave off with my “Christ, what an editor” comment and just say: I have some of the collected New Yorker cartoons, and he was clearly a fine editor.



ETA: Crossover time!


I call my own shots, based on an accumulation of data, and everyone knows it.


I think we have a new one.


I said, “I wonder what it means,” not “Tell me what it means.”


I asked people to come post here so that I could post the last of my Universal New Yorker Captions.

Only one person out of all the Regulars obliged.

So much for the “tolerant” left.

…Aaaand I’m out of captions.


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