Rob Ford gets a New Yorker cartoon




I’d say the ultimate Rob Ford cartoon would have to include a Baron Harkonnen reference.


“Christ, what an asshole” is lazy. I much prefer the “big sanity” caption.


That’s what she said.



What, no “laughable Bumblefuck” anymore?


Small potatoes. Let me know when he appears on The Simpsons.


What the hell is ‘Big Sanity?’


A dangerous conspiracy among the sane to thwart the political, economic, social and religious ambitions of those who have “lost touch with reality.”


Dave’s Law says that every New Yorker cartoon is funnier if you replace the caption with “I’m going to kill myself.” It works well here as always.


What a depressing world view.


“Christ, what a laughable bumblefuck.” should have been the genuine caption.


One of my all time favourite Graham Chapman moments, I love that noise he makes when he’s smiling at the camera.


Graham was one of the best ever.
About two weeks ago I bought “A Liar’s Autobiography” on DVD. Absolutely brilliant!


Amazing. John Candy pre-parody Rob Ford battling news reports.


I was under the impression Canadians handled the press like this:

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