Rob Ford implies journalist is a pedophile


Oh brother. I didn’t know Rob Ford had kids. The scarey call is coming from inside the house.


I believe he can get lower. For now he’s merely making insinuations against the journalist. By this time next week it won’t surprise me if Ford is loudly proclaiming that the journalist has killed people.

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I think at this point everyone assumes that Rob Ford will continue to sink lower due to momentum. If we find out next week that he drank vodka during church services and pooped in a confessional, we will all say “yep, I saw that coming”. There is nothing that he can do now that would be surprising except for resigning.


A little surprised he was not referred to with his Boing Boing honorific “Laughable Bumblefuck.” Have we gotten to the stage where this isn’t really funny anymore and now we’re kind of sad?


Last night at “Die Fledermaus”, the contemporary jokes in the jail scene culminated in a reference to Rob Ford which had everyone in the (Chicago) audience guffawing.

At this point, he really IS the punchline to a joke, thousands of miles away.

These days being a pedophile is worse than being a murderer, even a murderer who killed kids.


I’ve always found him more nasty and vicious than funny. “Laughable Bumblefuck” has generally seemed like an appellation more inclined to inspire sympathy than the revulsion I considered appropriate.


Please, oh please…

Rob Ford - taking the “laughable” out of “Laughable Bumblefuck” since 2013

May I suggest the alternate monickers Rob “Slow Motion Train-Wreck” Ford, or Rob “Tragically Unimpeachable” Ford


Beautifully articulated. I couldn’t put my finger on precisely why that moniker was off.

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Good point. This time next week he’ll be saying “That guy’s a pedophile who kills kids”, rather than merely insinuating it. From the article, “Mr. Dale’s editors are getting their libel and slander lawyers on the case.”

Nothing brings out the crazy in Ford like potential prosecution.

Fucker’s making Berlusconi look like a class act.


How about “psychotic narcissist willing to destroy a city to ‘get one over’ on people who make him feel insecure”? Not much of a ring to it, I’ll grant you.


Laughable Bumblefuck was the guy who fell down while trying to throw a football, not the guy closely associated with drug dealers and suspicious murders.

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I see Rob Ford is an adherent of the rhetorical method that invented, “How often do you beat your wife?”

True, but the problem with that, and even with the crack smoking, is that they turn the story away from his nasty, retrograde tribalist politics, which do a great deal of real harm.

Irrelevant, but Toronto is only about 500 miles from Chicago

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Sorry for the pedantry, but the classic question is “Have you stopped beating your wife?” or “When did you stop beating your wife?”. The point is that it’s a question that cannot be answered in a single word (therefore, no matter how you answer, a soundbite of your answer can be presented as damning you, or at least making you look stupid.)

“How often do you beat your wife?” can be answered with a single word: “Never.” Makes it much less effective as a dirty trick.

“He said Peter File not… oh never mind…”