Drunken, swearing Rob Ford lurches around after photo-op with child


I didn’t hear any swearing. I only heard a beep.

It seems the source article didn’t hear any swearing either:

Shortly after requesting a photo with the mayor, the woman reportedly observed him slurring his words and swearing — though the video shown on CTV bleeped out the exact words that he said.

I don’t doubt that he did swear, but is it too much to ask of a news agency to actually confirm that he swore before writing an article on it?

I prefer corruption I can see to corruption I can’t.


He takes marijuana? What, like, without paying for it?


Councillor (Doug) Ford said his real concern was the 13-year-old boy who
reportedly recorded the video while out with his mother at a late hour.
“What gives?” asked Councillor Ford, who said it was at 1:30 in the morning, although reports indicated it was at 10:30 p.m. - National Post

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With Ford, you don’t have to choose.


What? I don’t see anything here. No stumbling. I don’t hear profanity, either.

Total disappointment.

Actually… Doug said that his brother Rob DIDN’T say he’d quit drinking. Even though we have, on video WITH DOUG THERE, Rob saying “Guaranteed 100%” that he’d quit. Of course, as we know Ford’s guarantees are no good…his 100% are even worse… and they’re BOTH pathological liars.

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The mayor, who had promised that he would stop drinking, smoking crack, taking marijuana, hanging out with murderers and notorious gangsters…

What about gangsters who are merely disreputable?

Back in October 16th 2013 Mayor Ford and his Brother/Manager took offence too a photo of an alleged sleeping city worker.

[quote=Toronto Star]“If we have someone that’s literally sleeping at their desk, how it looks, we cannot tolerate this,” Ford told reporters."

Ford said he will seek the firing of both the employee and a manager if the employee was indeed sleeping on the job.[/quote]

Source: http://www.thestar.com/news/city_hall/2013/10/16/mammoliti_says_photo_shows_city_worker_sleeping_on_job.html

Heck, if they were leaving work drunk, its private personal matter.

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Stumbling bumblefuck… bumbling stumblefuck… buckling fumblestump…

There’s a certain point when it stops being vicariously amusing (ha ha, at least my local govt. isn’t this bumble-fucky!), and really starts being sad. The man has a serious problem, and desperately needs some help or else he’s going to end up in a coffin. Will we still be laughing then?

Can he be charged with something to involuntarily commit him to rehab?

As he has so far refused ALL help…and his family says he only has a weight problem. Yes. We will ALL be laughing. Actually… no. We won’t it will be sad when he dies…but… in the end… its his own fault. (NOTE: this is what he’s said when cyclists are killed…so… “turn-about is fair play”.)

Same here - I didn’t see any drunken stumbling, lurching, maybe one bleeped funny curse. Nor did I see a ‘child’ nor even a photo-op (which presumably happened off camera). There was some very slight slurring, yes, like he had a few drinks.

Cory, I love you, but that was a misleading headline :frowning:

“[Rob Ford’s brother] clarified that the mayor only keeps political promises…”

Well of course, because there’s money involved. Personal improvement is way overrated.

I’m not saying it’s going to be sad. He’s certainly had a hand in all of this, but he’s obviously a mentally ill addict. Something just strikes me as “not being quite right” as we sit by and laugh as he not so slowly marches towards the grave (or maybe stumbles in a crack induced haze)…

At what point does it go from being humorous/spite worthy to just really sad and pathetic?

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