Helpful podcast hilariously explains internet sub-lebrities

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Reminds me of an idea I had once. Michael Musto/Page 6 Gossip type column, but all the blind items would be completely innocuous and concern people tangentially connected to my own life rather than celebrities (i.e., Guess which high school gym teacher was seen riding their bicycle to buy a bunch of bananas?) Somehow, I couldn’t get a weekly column out of it, despite my lack of trying.


Well they won’t find anything out about “Bron Stroman” by searching with those words.

Did you mean BeefSlab McHugeBeard


Wouldn’t a better title be “Literally Who?”

Who? Weekly spoofs Us Weekly and other outlets so in need of “celebrity” content that they resort to covering people of questionable renown.

Everybody is of “questionable renown”, with famous people generally being famous because they are famous - rather than because they do anything notable.

The hidden joke here is that hierarchical broadcast media create “real celebrity” whereas the internet does not. Celebrity is a lame concept, it doesn’t really matter who those who strive to control media find noteworthy.


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