Helpful video explains how to make a hamster flat


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Cute. Headline made me think of the other kind of hamster flats.


Do you need to have a special kind of hamster, or will it work with any old hamster?

I want to make thin hamster too.


At last! This has solved all my hamster storage problems!


I was just relieved to see the back of a shovel wasn’t involved.


I prefer a good rolling pin for that method.


keep petting it until it collapses into a puddle


I’m tired of this “thin hamster” obsession. I’d prefer better battery life in my hamsters.


Steam iron.


That will do a good job of getting the wrinkles out as well. :smile:


There are so much more efficient ways for making flat hamsters.


There’s that missing minute. It’s not like youtube is running out of space.


Conversely, a distressed hamster will keep expanding until it has filled up all available space. This has many military and industrial applications, though one should exercise caution due to the inherently unstable emotional state of the average hamster.


Reminds me of this comic, which has always reminded me of my dog.


Restoring the hamster to normal shape requires a drinking straw and a reasonably healthy set of lungs.


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