"Here Comes The Sun" played verrrrry slowly, then sped up to the right tempo


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At first I was like, “Why is it so dark? This is bad footage.” Then I saw the time stamp and thought, “Who wants to get up that early in the morning?!?” And then I realized, “Oh, duh - the song.”

I’m an idiot. Or it’s just too early in the morning for me.


Take heart that you’re not alone. It took me a bit as well.


Yes, very neat stretching out the song to encompass the sunrise.



Aw, no vocals, I was looking forward to my daily dose of Alvin…


This almost makes it sound like a chiptune version.


I want to see the normal speed version. That has to be surreal.


Similar video of some guys doing Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds:




In a similar vein of impressive guitar performances that sound like electronica or chiptune, I’ve been listening to this on repeat recently:


Also, going with “Samurai” to get away with donning a man-bun is disturbingly brilliant.


My God, the patience and discipline required! And I’ll assume he used a metronome of some kind, because who could maintain an even tempo over the course of an hour?


But you’d have to slow down your stapes and cochlea.


Wasn’t quite what I expected. Which is probably a good thing because I expected something PaulStretched at a varying rate. Surprisingly orchestral.

It’s probably not too hard since you don’t have to get that close since the differences will be converted from minutes to fractions of a second. But I would definitely want something to make sure I was at least consistent. :laughing:

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Seems like a missed opportunity not to include a clip of it at normal speed.


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