Here’s a kitten wearing a top hat


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Europe's top court says UK surveillance rules are unconstitutional

D’awww. Thanks, I needed a unicorn chaser for, well, 2016.



I heartily approve of this


That little guy wears his top hat better than most anyone/anycat I’ve ever seen. Sure looks better than old saggyboobs sitting on the RitZ


Personally, I’m supporting him for Secretary of Agriculture. He’s dreamy.


Wee; but jaunty. Approved.


AWWWWW! He’s so wholesome! hugs


Top Cat!


I don’t know – kitty’s adorable, but the photo looks like something out of Dickens.


Aww, before I could say it. :frowning:


My cats are always looking at me like, “please, sir, may I have some more?”


Mine are more likely to say “what the hell, lady, kick down some of the good canned stuff already!”


We actually have one that prefers dry over wet food… He also doesn’t like dairy… Weirdo



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