Here’s an HD video streaming drone you can fly with your thumb — literally

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with over 1.5 million crafts

Yet again the prats that write this drivel prove their inadequacy. The group noun for more than one craft is … craft.


I blame arts & crafts.


I knew someone would do something like that. You win the brownie point. :wink:

I did think about putting in a (dis)qualifying comment that aerial and marine craft are not the same as the many different crafts that sometimes pop up as responsible for wonderful things here. But why spoil someone’s come-back, eh? :slight_smile:

Seriously, though, who DO they employ to write this guff? You’d think an outfit dependent almost entirely on the prolixity of their prose would employ literate folk.

What especially depresses me is that this shit is widespread - these internet merchants advertise everywhere and every impressionable mind that reads this shit automatically assumes it is correct, and thus proper usage is incrementally eroded. Sigh. (And they can get off my fucking lawn, too, while they’re at it.)



But writing advertising copy is so addicting!

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This Monday is off to a better start than I expected!

Gig workers?

Based on the quality of products often on offer through the Shop posts, I’m not sure if the target market is smart people.

“It’s good 'nuff.”

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The whole point of advertisage has always been to be addicteratious. Copy-writion less so.


Open goal and all that…

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“Maths” is the one that gets me. Mathematics is fine, though.

There’s a fair amount of overlap between remotely piloted aircraft and the yarn-and-popsicle-stick kind of crafts. For example…

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