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Opinion: Ska Is Still the Best Music Genre To Be Chased by Mall Security While Rollerblading


Reminds me of this


The Marvel fandom is giving Star Wars a pretty darn good run for their money (is there a Star Wars equivalent for the dismissive anti-woke phrase “M-she-U”?). But it’s nice to see Pegg acknowledge and apologize for his own past toxic fandom, and I say that as someone who thoroughly enjoyed Spaced.

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I’m about to dump a huge nerd collection here.



… for about 1½ movies and then forgot about him?

not sure what you’re getting at.

are you saying he ( and kelly tran ) didn’t experience racist hate online? or that disney helped in some way to defend against that hate? or that the third movie didn’t sideline them in a way that seemed like troll appeasement?

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… if you’re inclined to interpret anything I could possibly say as making excuses for Disney, then I guess we’re done here :thinking:

my point in mentioning john boyega was to highlight how other mainstream institutions have failed to protect the people they hire from the inevitable racist backlash of their hiring.

if you weren’t addressing that point, then i’m not sure what you were responding to.

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… which is why this is in a different topic now

i feel like if you want to make a different point about something i said, then you should be clear about what you are trying to say, and how it follows from what i wrote.

… I think we agree that they “sidelined” Finn, so much that I wouldn’t even call him a “central character”

I didn’t have any other point to make

Have a nice day :+1:

fair enough. i would agree. they definitely appeared to “demote” him, and i’d even say it seemed they did so they could avoid the trolls with very little concern about him and his situation. many parallels with the harvard situation.