Here's a step-by-step guide on how to "git gud" at fighting games

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I think the biggest hurdle is not necessarily the game itself but the community around it. It’s notoriously toxic. I had a female black friend who loved fighting games and used to go to launch dates for some games, and the stores would have small scale tournaments with the people in line and she would get comments like she wasn’t a real gamer, was just someone’s girlfriend, and pretty much any cliche thing to say. She was good enough that she could win but eventually played fighting games less and less because she couldn’t put up with the BS.


I’m not huge into fighting games. But I did like Marvel Vs Capcom (2?) on the Dreamcast. You could handicap players and then have players with different skill levels compete and it would be a bloodbath (like a small kid vs adult).

Yeah, a while back I got Guilty Gear X because I wanted to look at the pretty 3d anime rendering. It comes with a lengthy tutorial that tries to teach you how to play the thing.

I got far enough in it that I could see a tiny glimmer of the “high-speed chess” that people who love the genre say it becomes. And I thought about how much time I’d have to spend practicing to really see that. And for what? Getting to join the fighting game community and be called nasty things by teenage boys.

Haven’t touched it since.


They’re quite fun, and it’s possible to avoid playing online and still get enjoyment from fighting games but the community does a lot of work as far as chasing people away.

I face the same thing playing Overwatch. I was really into it but people playing on one’s team were so salty i just found it frustrating. I still play OW but primarily spend my time playing solo deathmatch modes

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