Here's a Tesla Model X towing an airplane


Here’s a picture of John Cleese holding a piglet.
About the same level of significance, but a lot cuter.


This, though, is Qantas marketing, not Tesla. Advertising their co-branding agreement and new charger installations at airport parking.

Changing the perception of electrics was one of the primary goals of Tesla’s Secret Plan (Pt.1), but they’ve already done that by building the roadster and Model S and Model X. They’re already onto Secret Plan Part Deux. (-:


For me automobiles are boring, dull, and uninspiring.

787-9 Dreamliner!!!
(Oh and there’s some dumb car pulling it on a windless day, probably on a slight downhill. Oh and apparently it’s an electric car yawn…)

Ah fixed it. Much better!


I see what you did there!

… Although don’t you mean “the one’s with brain’s”? I guess maybe “thou or I” too.


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