Mad Max style 'forkless' motorcycle I've been building at local hackerspace

I finally got it to a point where it steers and rolls, and took a test glide down a small hill at the Minneapolis / St. Paul Maker Fair. My Hackaday prize entry has videos, explanation, etc. Its not actually ‘forkless’ but the front suspension (the same design sold by BMW as the “duolever”) shares the same handling characteristics as is typically sought when designing hub steered motorcycles while allowing the use of the stock wheels. Its also extremely adjustable (rake, trail, anti-dive, wheelbase).
I’m taking this week off work, hope to have the engine in on memorial day. About to head out to the shop. :slight_smile:


I have a suspicion @jlw may appreciate this. It looks very cool.


Impressive! What size engine you putting in her?

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…What totally shits me to tears, is if you want to do something like this when four wheels are involved, is the vast array of regulatory hurdles that make it virtually impossible (except in the UK). I want a 600kg electric car, dammit!


750cc. Stock engine / driveline (is a Yamaha XJ750rh).


Not sure what regulatory issues are, and don’t really care. Am going more on “what you can get away with” basis.

At maker fair, the guy in the booth next to mine had a 450 kg reverse trike, was electric powered and there was a recumbent bike seating position for the driver, so you could exersize and add (a little bit of) charge to the battery. He actually did jump the regulatory hurdles. Yeah, in the US (or at least in most states) you can get away with a lot of your vehicle is classed as a motorcycle.


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