Motorcycles are the coolest invention in the universe

The bicycle folks have their own thread, so I figured the motorised two-wheelers should have one as well.

Do you ride? Are you thinking about learning to ride? Want to share a photo of your lovely toy? Feel like organising a group ride for mutants in your neighbourhood? Got a mechanical problem you need help with? Want to whinge about homicidal car drivers?

This is your thread.

Old friends of mine:

1983 Honda CM250

1984 Kawasaki GPz750

1985 Suzuki GS450E

1994 Kawasaki ZZR250

1988 Suzuki GS500E

1980 BMW R65LS

2004 BMW F650GS

2015 Yamaha MT-07HO


I’ve never ridden a motorbike (I know, right?) but I’ve been meaning to get one for a while now because peak-hour traffic in Melbourne is getting fucking ridiculous, it’s driving me nuts.

I guess I’ll just get whatever second-hand 250 is the best idea, but what I really wanna do is get hold of a freeride MTB, ditch the drivetrain, and find two of the biggest hub motors I get hold of; I think that’s 1kW each… Should be able to get it under 20-25kg.

That’d be cool.


I don’t know about Australian law but in the UK I thought about a similar concept and discovered that all the essential parts would need to be type approved as a moped (i.e. 2.2kW and under but over 200W). When I factored all of this in I was up to about 60-70kg including batteries and motor controllers. I also discovered how much it would cost to have a custom frame made to take things like the headstock and the rear pivots. And then I gave up, because I had discovered why electric motorcycles are so expensive.


Fortunately, there are other options:



Your, how do you say it, moto-cycles qualify as the coolest invention in the universe because they’re still bicycles, with clever add-ons.



Took the coolest thing, and made it even cooler. :slight_smile:


If they have basic rider classes take one of those. You will get to ride on provided bikes. Here the only requirements were boots (anything that covers you ankles and not hightop tennis shoes) and a decent jacket.

If you pass the class you get a slip that lets you go to the DMV and get your endorsement.

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So are us giant scooter riders allowed? I love the 400cc twist and go I use for when I just need to get me and a small amount of things to and from. It is also awesome in the stop and go rush hour commute as I am not dropping in and out of gears all the time.


Same bugs, rain, and road rash. Why not?

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I do make the regular bikers a bit jealous when the see I can fit 2 full face helmets under the seat which is kinda nice.


It’s okay. It’s why we leave you in that cloud of dust, to hide our envy.



Yeah, scooters are cool enough. :slight_smile:


Currently in the garage right now:

03 WR-450F (dirt)

04 WR-450F (super moto / street)

02 GSXR-1K

I used to have another 03-WR-450F (dirt), a 00 R6 (super sport race ready), an 07 R1 & a 91 CBR F2 (my first race bike) - but I sold that collection when the X took ill.

I’m not well enough to ride yet & that makes me sad cuz riding, particularly riding goat trails in the triple digits is the only thing that makes me feel alive any more.

Do not do as I do, it’s not for everyone & all my beloved friends have died from it… :pensive:


This was my first (and last) bike. Wish I had a few grand lying around to buy a new one.

From the VIN number, I reckon this was a '69 Triumph Tiger that I got from a friend as a basket case. The frame had a welded-on hardtail, so I didn’t try to retro it.


At Maker Faire in San Mateo last May.


Or a car cut in half.


Melbourne, Victoria that is, not Melbourne, Florida.

It’s a right fucken palaver over here…

To prepare for your motorcycle permit assessment you’ll need to study the Victorian Rider handbook.

So it is. So it is.


Time for some mototunes:

Any others?

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love and rockets, motorcycle

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