Here's a TV set turned into a useless brick by Android malware


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does that beat a hack to rip blu ray…
I’d love to make going to network a non default option


No factory defaults option, eh?


Who in their right mind would connect their TV set to the Internet? Use a real computer.


Who makes a non- smart tv anymore? I got a Visio in 2012? that had no “apps” built in, but even then it may have been last years model.


It seems that even a “dumb” tv could be prone to this kind of thing via-usb firmware update.


That isn’t Malware, that’s one of those annoying websites that relaunches itself every time you close it. It’s easy to fix - if the TV’s browser gives you the option to clear your history, that is.


I wonder how an internet enabled insulin pump would handle a fake FBI message like that one.

“My blood sugar is up to 450! Pay the damn bitcoin!”


Well, pretty soon he’ll be able to order the director of the FBI to come fix his toilet TV.


Quelle surprise.


Outside of streaming (which could be handled by something that has better security), what’s the point of having the TV connected to the Net again?


Once again proving that if you don’t actually need a TV that is wider than you are tall, a perfectly viable alternative is to just buy a nice big computer monitor and a set of speakers, and hook your cable box up to them.


Netflix. Amazon Prime. YouTube.


This is pretty standard. My parents got a new TV and all it ever shows is blasts of sound and light telling you to buy other stuff, interspersed with weird moralistic propaganda stories about how if a teen gets a tattoo or visits a city they’ll be molested to death within the week. Mfgr refuses to fix.


“They said they downloaded an app to watch a movie. Halfway thru movie, tv froze. Now boots to this.”

Don’t do that. Next!


Is that Android? I thought LG TVs were webOS.
And won’t a simple factory reset fix it?

edit-apparently it isn’t possible because LG won’t co-operate.


Who in their right mind would connect a computer to the Internet? I use a router and firewall. Because a software firewall is exactly as good as the physical separation between the applications, the sockets and the software firewall.


While there is a resemblance (since they use the same tactics), this is malware and not one of those hundreds-of-iframes-waiting-to-spawn webpages. Android malware has been sitting around in many of the shadier places on the internet waiting for someone to see “oh, this hot new app is free over here!” and download it to their device, rooting it, loading some shit like this onto it.


Your average user can barely find the start menu on a computer–and god help them if they see an error message or have to install an update or deal with a hardware hiccupt. What you’re describing is doable for about 5% of the population when you consider the set up, research and real world maintenance required for even the most standardized XBMC-type setups.


I hacked a Whiskey bottle last night, its security protocols were no match for me.