Here's everything that's wrong with America's insecure electronic voting machines, and what to do about it

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It won’t happen because putting those common-sense measures in place would require nation-wide standards. That gives the conservative officials who’d lose out by having one of their potential cheats removed a chance to cry about “states’ rahts” and the tyranny of the Federal government.


Hmm, in the juristiction where I live, the ballots are counted by optical scan. There are manual counts in precincts chosen by lot. I don’t know about the training for election officials, but I can ask, since I also live in a precinct where “identifying myself to the poll workers” consists of saying, “Hi, Tom!, Hi, Ann! Hi, Ken! Where’s Barbara?”

Not coincidentally, I live in one of the bluest of blue states (albeit in a red county - most counties are red even in blue states).

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My ballots are counted with optical scan. I like that there is a paper trail for potential recounts. What I don’t like, though, is that I have no idea if the machine scans my ballot in the manner I wish it to. It’s possible that the way I happen to fill out the little bubbles is incorrect and none of my votes are ever counted. I have no way of knowing if that’s the case or not. The only display on the optical scanner is a counter that displays how many ballots have been cast that day.

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"…and what to do about it"

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