Here's how Big Data could change your career

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“My name is Cory Doctorow and I approve this message.”


[quote=“boingboing, post:1, topic:83692”]we’re so excited about The Big Data Bundle[/quote]So excited.

(…Yes, that should do.)


Well you slipped that one in there. I was expecting an article.


I checked out the extended list of courses, but didn’t see any “Cloud Ethics and Consumer Privacy” courses. Without something like that, how could anyone graduate from this program and credibly claim they are qualified to work in the industry and handle user information? (hint: This is a trick question. I expect that the phrase “Big Data Ethics” is a kind of oxymoron, since the form of the industry that has emerged since 2001 seems to be based largely on exfiltrating individuals’ data to a space beyond their reach and control where it can be abused, neglected, or both.)


How is this a thing? I mean, this advert in this blog. Are you recruiting for an attempt to subvert the process from the inside? The boomers tried that, and it led to the yuppies, which led to neoliberalism.

Just don’t, okay?


It’s ironic advertising, the next big thing with the kids.

Either that or BoingBoing has kidnapped Cory and this is his way of trying to send us a message


These are better than the tabloid updates!

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How about “learn to buff the floors of huge data centers so that they look all cool and sci fi all the time”

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Maybe it’s part of the attempt to update the OSS Simple Sabotage Field Manual.

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