Kiss your boring job goodbye—you’re about to learn how to program

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Are they handing out jobs at the bus stop?


Another quick fix to the permanent problem of not enough jobs - booyah!

Implying that programming as a career path can’t be just as dull and tedious as whatever you’re doing right now…

(He says, posting to BBS from his job in a programming department.)


Learn how to program out somebody else’s boring job so that a computer can do it instead.


Everybody knows that if you want to earn the big bucks these days, you need to learn how to work in the health care industry. Luckily, you don’t even need to spend thousands on grad school to make medicine your career. The Entry-Level Surgery & Medical Diagnostician Bundle is the easiest way to get started in working in two of the biggest specializations out there.
One of the biggest mistakes budding doctors make is learning outdated techniques. Our advice: make yourself relevant with the right skills. This bundle packs four courses that teach you everything from the basics of teleremote brain surgery to the finer points of immune-system stimulation for combatting cancer, so you’ll be a serious contender for top paying companies like Johns Hopkins and Columbia Medical Center.
And our favorite part? You’ll get a certificate of completion and lifetime access to the courses, so your resume will look legit and you can refresh your memory when it isn’t feeling as sharp as it used to be.
Trust us, this will be the best $29 you ever spent on your career.


And for those of us who would rather gnaw our own arm off over coding for a day job?

Seriously I sometimes look at the guys collecting the garbage and wonder how well that pays…


You have a future career writing ad copy for the boingboing store! What do you know about vapes, giant battery packs, and VPNs? Oh, and cables, gotta remember the cables.


NOOOOOO! @popobawa4u is THE born copywriter for the BB Store

I am very disappointed that popo’s great work is not appreciated by our benevolent overlords


Shush. We are Samurai. The Keyboard Cowboys.

(actual image of how cool and exciting programmers look at work. this could be you!)


It would be pure “stunt casting”! It would be an interesting exercise, but mostly because I loathe persuasion and seduction. Is there value in my re-inventing ad copy? I think so, but I can understand if others don’t.

Oh, I don’t know. I think they appreciate my work for what it is. Some people like awkward writing of weird opinions which vacillates wildly between meandering and terse, earnest and pisstake at every phrase. I know that I do!


A good trick is to do some super boring dead end pink collar shit for the first twenty years or so; then the other stuff starts to look pretty good :wink:


17 years of the care and feeding of windows servers… it pays the mortgage anyway.


Hi kids! I spend my day pouring through hundreds of lines of text looking for a missing semi-colon. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

(Actually I do enjoy programming and development, but I certainly understand that this is not a joy for everyone. I don’t like project management tasks, but I’m sure glad we have people that do, and I’m happy to work with them so I can get back to looking for that missing semi-colon.)


Looking at the size of that cable it must be one serious set of head phones. Coders are deaf right?


It took a summer internship to do it for me. I am sure there are programmers out there that would run screaming from some of the crazy why is the server crashing hell I have happily dealt with so it all works out.

I think the one language/programming class I enjoyed the most was mainframe assembler code. It was pretty cool stuff having to tell the registers to directly load/unload data before doing operations.


Monster Cable.


Kiss your boring job goodbye—you’re about to learn how to program

Ahahahahahahaha! <gasp>
[grinning, wipes away tear]

[Eyes move back and forth between exception text and keyboard]


I don’t know … @popobawa4u might have some serious competition from relative newbie @Robert_Marsanyi.


[why not both gif]