Land an IT job in 2020 with the help of this training bundle

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They never say when this kind of training was written - how out of date is it? Things get out of date very quickly in the IT world, and the Boing Boing store is perfectly capable of selling training stuff that’s 10 years old - which won’t be much help getting a job now.

Don’t spend your money unless you know the information and training are current.


but if I studied this training bundle I would at least be able to get a job with boingboing right ?


I would definitely suggest looking for current, free tutorials that cover the same material these cover first. Usually the projects themselves have extensive, good materials, which themselves can be a version or two out of date.

Also, I do not think there is an increase in ads, but rather a decrease in postings from the contributors, and it is the holiday.


[downs a shot]

[downs another shot]

Sigh, I think my Boing Boing Store drinking game is going to be bad for my health… :thinking:

The 95% off pricing suggests that’s more likely than not :-/

And I think the “lifetime” subscription trope borders on outright fraud since so many BBS “lifetime” deals have already died.


Can I land a non-IT job in 2020? Just asking, for a friend, that wants to get off the treadmill.

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I do love when people advertise “get a job in IT” then proceed to talk about web or application development.

What of desktop and server support? Network administration? Security? DevOps? DevSecOps?


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