The 10 worst jobs in America right now


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I dunno, this guy always seemed to enjoy his work, and he got to drive a sweet-ass Mustang:


I want to see the statistics on that there supposed best job.

The best job is doing something you love for enough for you & family to live on, regardless of what it is. IMO.


see what you did there…


Not all worst jobs are equally worst in every way. Enlisted military doesn’t pay well, but has significant benefits well beyond the pay (and the benefits of the others jobs on the list). It offers straightforward advancement and educational/training opportunities. Sure, you may get shot at, but at least in the Army you can choose your specialty going into it, so aren’t committed to that.

Firefighting is highly dependent on the setting. An LA County firefighter, for instance, starts at $61000 per year and can easily make over $100,000 before too long, with a schedule that allows for another business on the side. Plus, great benefits.

I’d not recommend anyone go into journalism anywhere.


Journalist may be a horrible, stressful job, but I’m thinking that the list is using somewhat odd criteria.

Especially when you see 3, 4 and 8.
Jobs which have a significantly higher risk of death and injury as their drawbacks.


There are only 200 jobs on that list, and some pretty dreadful and dangerous jobs seem to have been excluded. In addition, the projected growth metric seems to throw things out of whack.

Also, I love that they allow you to search jobs like “University Professor” and “Military General” as if they’re just out there for the taking for anyone submitting a CV.


The worst job I know of is buoy tender north of the arctic circle.


Well I’m pretty damn satisfied, but the article rates my job pretty low, because:

  • Degree of competitiveness 0-15
  • Degree of the public contact 0-8

So the world’s best job is one where you sit all alone in a room, and you have no competition? Extroverts everywhere might disagree. (Contented buoy tenders would probably agree.)


I would have thought the list would be something like:

  • White House Press Secretary;
  • White House Chief of Staff;
  • Assistant to the President, various subtitles;
  • Secretary of State;
  • Secretary of the Treasury;
  • Secretary of Defense;
  • United States Attorney General;
  • Secretary of the Interior;
  • Secretary of Agriculture;
  • Secretary of Commerce.


Don’t leave POTUS off the list. Sure, it looks like a breeze, but…


I’ll show you a dirtier job:


a statistics web site says that Statistician is the best job of 2017 and deserve an outrageously high salary?
A likely story…


I know,

People whose job it was to come up with a method of ranking a whole load of jobs have “Statistician”, “Mathematician” and “Data Scientist” in their top 10. I think I see some personal bias creeping into those results.


I trust that statistic about as much as I trust a poll that says that pollsters make the best lovers.


Used to be sort of respectable… but nope, not NOW.


Software engineer is low-stress until your company is acquired / sells off your business unit / discontinues your product / etc.

I’m thinking of taking the upcoming {Event} for a career change, but I honestly don’t know what, other than “must be more fun” and “can pay a lot less.”

(My family sez “go back to writing and game designing” and then I have to explain the many, many people are now trying to do this who are a lot hungrier.)


What in the hell is the difference between ‘Software Engineer’ (8), ‘Web Developer’ (29), & ‘Computer Programmer’ (49) ?

This sounds like a load of opinionated hokum.


Glad to know there’s a future in being a university professor: what with the slow death of tenure the adjunctification of faculty the deanification of the university the gutting of the humanities the dumbifying of our kids, seems like a fucking terrific career option ha ha hee.