How crappy is your job? 200 jobs, ranked

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@AndreaJames @Carla_Sinclair beat you to it 3 days ago.


It is some what comforting that others have a crappier job than I.

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well, ofc being a newspaper reporter is a crappy job…they are public enemy number one after all!

Hey man, cut some slack here, being a blogger is tough. If I’m reading the list of 10 worst jobs correctly, it’s some combination of the top 3…

  1. Newspaper reporter (Median Salary: $37,820)

  2. Broadcaster (Median Salary: $38,870)

  3. Logger (Median Salary: $37,590)


Can’t say I can take this list seriously when they list Network/System Administrator as a Very Low stress job. That’s amusing.

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I also assumed that a logger wasn’t someone who cuts down trees

No mercy when the search function is so easy to use.

"University Professor. Stress: Very Low"
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH oh wait you’re serious.


#20 optometrist has ‘very good’ growth potential?

1 - I was under the understanding that an optometrist opens a clinic and that’s the end of career growth.
2 - I’ve seen a few articles discussion how optometry has a good chance of being replaced by automated systems.

Everything is fine. You do not live in a nightmarish dystopia where the unfortunate majority are out of sight, in plain sight.
The worst job a person can fall to is right there at the bottom: newspaper reporter.


I don’t know what university professors they are talking about, but the only one who I’d say seemed to take everything without a lot of stress recently died of a heart attack (and he was 47).

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So the worst job in America is one with a living wage, reasonable hours, and little chance of being robbed or shot on the job? That must be why all the journalists are quitting to go be coal miners or fruit pickers or something like that.

My job is right in the middle of the pack at 103, but if we are ranking crappiness, plumbing should be much higher.

After all, crap is my bread and butter.

Figuratively speaking :slight_smile:

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The one who has the most important position is known as the key logger…

Self shown out.

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