Here's how to get your third round of free home Covid tests from the U.S. gov't

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I didn’t remember there being a 2nd round (but that it took forever to receive the first). Then it said if this was only my 1st or 2nd order to that address, I could place another order (which I did).

FWIW the test that the USPS delivered was the same kind my kids were bringing home from school every 2 weeks.

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Word to the wise: check the expiration dates when you receive these.

My second round of tests (ordered early March) had an April expiry.

(Not knocking the program - I’m all for MOAR TESTS, all the time! Just saying you should pay attention.)


It took a long time to get the first, but the second set arrived in like a week.

I probably just need to keep them organized by expiry


The FDA has extended the expiration date for many of these tests. You can check their site for details at:


HUGELY useful info. Thank you!


Eventually, maybe, might have to email and ask for more.

My second one, once it finally shipped has a last tracking update of:
USPS shipped your item from XXXX, XX XXXXX as of 12:30 am on March 10, 2022.

That’s it, no updates after that at all, even today. I sent in Customer Service request on 3/24, and on 3/28 they created a new second order for me. That one showed up on 3/30 at least, from the same distribution hub.

Did this one 2 days ago, no tracking yet. They give you an order confirmation number (2 of them this time), but I cannot see anyplace that can be used to track anything. :man_shrugging:

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