Here's how unpredictably bullets ricochet off water

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So after he sees they go fucking everywhere, as a totally responsible gun owner (because they all are of course, /s) his instinct is thus, let’s endanger people again with another clip!

People like this live amongst us. They are the reason gun control is needed. I grew up a gun owner and hunter- and this is bullshit.


Know what’s also a bad idea? Shooting a fucking gun at night.


The nice thing about YouTube comments is that they’re reliable. As in, you can rely on YouTube comments to further lower the opinion you hold of your fellow man.


An AR-15 isn’t supposed to fire that many rounds per second, is it?


I just don’t think that’s possible any longer, my opinion of my fellow man is less than many communicable diseases.

I mean, it’s not herpes’ fault it spreads. It’s just trying to stay alive. The stupid spreading from assholes like this, on the other hand…

I really think you underestimate how lowly I think about my countrymen right now. I mean, really.


I feel I want to respond to some of the comments below that video with “Ok, sure, it’s safe because the rounds are breaking up when they hit the water and all you see is lumps of burning phosphorous spinning through the air. Now put your money where your mouth is. Go stand on that hillock on the other side of the lake while I empty a couple of magazines in your direction.”


An AR-15 is semi-auto.

I think this thing has a crank trigger mod. I noticed that the rate of fire speeds up as it goes, which a real automatic rifle just doesn’t do. This thing is getting it’s trigger pulled by something. Could be a bump stock too.


Yup, either a bump stock or it has been modified for full-auto.

Rate of fire on cyclic is 550 to 700 rpm.


The very inconsistent rate of fire leads me to believe that they didn’t internally modify the rifle, but are using some kind of external device.

If you modify the sear mechanism it’s much more likely to just give a constant rate of fire since everything’s mechanically locked together more or less.


Those are probable people who have never successfully skipped stones, so assume it can’t be done.


… and, presumably, have never seen a lump of burning phosphorus, aluminium, or magnesium up close.


I wish there was an internet link to the “(un)solved mysteries” type show from years and years ago where a woman drove her car off the road, and the offduty(?) cop right behind her stopped and found her dead. He figured it was a heart attack but they found a bullet entry behind her ear that had killed her instantly.

They eventually figured out that a bullet shot from a boat on a lake adjacent to the road had skimmed off the water, travelled a mile, went thru the trees, and entered the car thru the barely open driver’s side vent-window and killed her.


that seems… Extremely unlikely.

I’d sooner believe the cop shot her and needed some kind of excuse.


They found the guy who was out on the water shooting that day, he had the same ammo. Not sure if he was charged or not, it was such a fluke.

If the vent window had been closed the bullet would have been slowed enough not to harm her, and if it had hit anywhere else it wouldn’t have been fatal. A one in a million (or more) fluke, that yes, would seem easier to explain that the cop shot her but that wasn’t the case.


I too, wish you had a link :slight_smile:


I can’t find it but while looking I found this which is pretty crazy too


You don’t mess with the Russian “cultural attaché”.


Some things just go without saying


Well, technically it shows how tracer bullets break when they hit the water. We can’t see what the “real” bullets do, and we could assume their behaviour is a bit different, because opposed to the tracer bullets, they are a solid mass.

I have another bad idea: shooting a gun. Even owning a gun.

Hm. I’d recommend against pulling a loaded gun towards one’s wife in the passenger seat, especially when they guy holding the gun is still attached to it. But maybe that’s just me, and that dude knew exactly why he was doing that.

I’d also avoid shooting a guy in the face in my car while my underage kids are watching. Or ever. This could be over once you have the gun, if you want to.