Here's Mark Rober's Glitter Bomb Package 4.0

The way he worded it in this tweet was:

“To compensate them for their time and willingness to risk putting a package on their porch I offered financial compensation for any successful recoveries of the package.”

Any successful recoveries, and not just compensation for having it out there, despite the outcome. Which gives someone hosting it a financial incentive to… make sure… it gets taken, dumped, and then recovered.

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Porch pirates are also a terrible scourge to the planet.

That’s my thinking. I’m of the opinion all those porch pirates he “gets” are in on the gag. Seems to me there’s just too much liability for these to be real. For instance, the guy who put the box on his passenger seat and then had it go off when he opened it (like he had to know as he was driving, what was in the box); I’m pretty sure he ran a red light, and then was honked at.

I like his videos, especially the squirrel ones. Maybe everyone knows this already and I’m finally wising up. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

The packages from March 2021 had the collaboration of Jim Browning and police. It was not a “traditional” glitter bomb prank though. There was a ring of money mules involved. Arrests were made, and I expect there is still an investigation in progress. Prosecutions may follow.

But as for the regular porch pirates, I have t seen anything prosecution oriented

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