Mark Rober's Glitterbomb 3.0 vs porch pirate

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Near perfect. Really needs to have a mechanism that would empty a can of Liquid Ass after opening the package


How many of these are staged? :face_with_monocle:

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While in the grand scheme of things (presuming this is not staged) i think an amusing level of justice is served here, haven’t there been more than a couple of cases of thieves successfully suing the property owner for injuries sustained from intentional traps? That is, does Mark Rober have a few good lawyers? (“The glitter bomb blinded my child!” “The skunk juice sent my grandpa, who needs oxygen, to the emergency ward!” etc)

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I would laugh so hard.
It’d be worth it.

Now I’m re-considering MY life choices.


That’s a good point, I do seem to recall that. There are plenty of spinoff situations, too. What if the thief abandons the package before it’s set off, and someone else finds it next to a dumpster? Who’s liable?

I’m pretty sure that Rober’s got a ton of money from these vids, therefore a ton of lawyers. He’s got a staff.

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You know, the third time around, I was starting to get increasingly uncomfortable with this smug, white, well-off former NASA engineer “hilariously” pranking and humiliating folks who, based on the videos he records, are mostly poor, largely POC. Then he started bragging about this big project he has cooking where he’s engaged in extended collaboration with the cops, and, yeah, I think I’m off this train.


What happens if the glitter cloud goes off near an open flame?

You get a sparkly fire that rains tiny bits of molten plastic on you?

You may not be aware of this, but many poor people, and most POC, don’t trespass on private property and take stuff that’s not theirs! It’s true. F’ these scumbags. I hope they get a piece of glitter in their eye and a cloud of fart spray way, way up in their sinuses.


I was surprised that some of the thieves took the prank rather nonchalantly. “Oh, it’s a glitter bomb”, or “Hey, it’s fart spray”. I get the impression that getting pranked is a known occupational hazard of the Porch Pirate profession.

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I think Mark has been very upfront about the specifics surrounding this situation, and he specifically outlines issues with subsequent ones as well.

Adding to the legitimacy, he’s now teamed up with Jim Browning on these.

The folks at 11:22 were so into it I ended up thinking that maybe they weren’t really bad people after all. I don’t think that was Rober’s intended lesson.

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Interesting to see how many of the thieves have families. And depressing.

Instead of glitter, swine offal would better mete out some justice, I think.

Next year it needs to sprout legs and start running around.
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