Here's some rare pieces of lost media from Cartoon Network

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Omelette du fromage!


Sorry but I can’t cope with the guys Youtube voice - the cadence is all weird. The semi rising intonation - it feels like generated VO.


If only there were lost episodes of Home Movies. That was one of the best shows ever aired on CN - or anywhere!
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The network that cancelled Adventure Time despite its high ratings, because the wrong demographic was watching it (adults).

All I want for Christmas is a link to Zorak on Space Ghost Coast to Coast saying (and I’m paraphrasing), “Every time I move my arm it costs Cartoon Network $10.” Then proceeding to move his arm repeatedly while audibly tallying the price in the background.

I miss toonami the most :cry:

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Holy cow! Early Christmas for me, thank you!

I completely forgot it was one of the Chad episodes. And I also remembered the arm-movement tally being longer and funnier. But I watched the whole damn thing and was transported back to the roach-infested basement apartment where I originally watched the episode.

So yeah. Thanks? :slight_smile:

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