Here's the pen cartoonist Tom Gauld uses

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This is my favorite pen. It writes smoothly and dries quickly. It’s perfect for writing small. I use it daily in my morning notebook.


Does it handle left-handed paper stabbing?


F yeah. And you V7 fans can look forward to a special place in hell.


I’ve been using this pen for the last 25 years, since back when the whole thing was gray and Moleskine journals were being revived in popularity at Barnes and Noble. I’ve always liked the nice crisp scratching noise it makes on ruled paper. I keep one of these in my pocket all the time, even if I don’t have a piece of paper or notebook on me. It feels weird when it’s absent.

I hate it when I get a V7 instead of V5. Our office assistant ordered a box of the wrong size once and I couldn’t order a replacement until they were gone so suddenly everyone I met in the office got a new pen!


Those V5s are great. Separately for those of you with a Muji in town or in the vicinity - these gel pens are also great, in either the 0.5 or the 0.38 ball versions.


No Uni-ball Eye Micro love? I guess it is a little wet, but it’s so unscratchy.

Although I guess some people (who are better than me at drawing) like some scratchiness. Given my lack of fine motor control, perhaps I should try to learn to like it.


But is it archival ink?

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I like ballpoints – I know, I’m weird. Parker Jotter FTW!


Apparently not archival


2nd vote for the Parker Jotter. Has been my go-to for sketching and utility for years. Has a nice bold line, but ball point allows for much lighter strokes making it great for subtle shading. And if you’re inclined to carry a 10 or 20% gray marker in your pocket as well, you can “grab” the ink and pull it around the paper for even more shading effects in a nice blue tone.

All that said, I’ll have to give the v5 a try! Sounds like a good one :slight_smile:


used to swear by Uni-ball but they changed owners or something and I couldn’t get the same pen again

and once you’ve learned to appreciate the boring old Pilot there’s no reason to look for something else

sometimes the obvious answer is also the right answer


Yeah I might order one as well, start to get a feel for gels. I haven’t been jotting as much as I’d like, frankly, but I feel an upcoming lifestyle change may shift that, thankfully. :slight_smile:


Phew. I was scared it was going to see something ridiculously expensive and necessary like:


got hooked on the molotow pens this past fall; really dark ink! but, I always skipped the V5s at the art store for some reason… that will change next time I go!

Hey! This is the pen I use! Also the V7, but the V5 is terrific! Too bad I’m not as good as Tom Gauld.


I use almost the same pen to sketch, the V Ball 0.5, I got at least one with me since high school.

But since I’m trying to use less plastic I’m switching to the V5 hi-tech point 0.5 because it’s rechargeable.

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