The Pilot Precise V5 is a great doodling pen

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This is a great pen. It’s practically the only pen I use in my notebook.

I’ve used the Pilot V5 Pen for… years and years. i really have no idea how long. It’s a great pen. highly recommended. My sketchbooks from ten years ago are just as sharp. The ink doesn’t bleed. It’s a nice black and dries quickly. It makes a great line and never skips. I really can’t recommend this pen highly enough for drawing or writing. It’s the only pen I use. It’s that or pen and ink. SUCH A GOOD PEN for so cheap.

O yeah - also they are available like everywhere for a couple dollars so there’s no fear of finding a great pen that has limited availability (or is really expensive)

I love them. A great line, and cheap. The V7 is good for a little more thickness. The only drawback is that they are water-based, so they bleed if you try going over them with water-based markers or watercolor.

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I like V7s

and did you know there’s now a retractable version with replaceable ink cartridges?
if you’re the sort of person who can keep track of your pens, it might be for you!


I like Pilot pens in general. Their Pilot Varsity disposable fountain pen is my day-to-day pen. I order them in bulk.

I’ll try this one for drawing. I’ve been getting more into drawing and painting lately, and this might be a fun thing to play with. (ETA: Yes, I just realized how entirely bizarre it is to think a pen is a fun thing to play with, but man, the bar is low these days for excitement, and I’ll take my joy wherever I can find it)

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Good to know! I was wondering, because I do a little watercolor, and thought they might be nice for line work.

About the only writing I do is my daily diary page, and I’ve used V7s for that for twenty years now probably.

I used these a lot through school and uni, and I did find that throwing them in and out of bags and lockers etc. I’d usually only get a year or so out of them before they’d leak horribly, but that’s down to my poor handling of them.
If it’s going to live in a pot on your desk most of the time you’re golden. Plus it’s entirely possible they’ve improved the design since then (this was about twenty years ago fuck I’m old).

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