Here's the unexpected origin of the "confused math lady" meme


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have a chaser.


Huh - never seen this until today.


Those are definitely the expressions I get once I get past Cal I.


Hell I majored in math but after 20+ years of doing tech support I would have to take classes to remember it all. During a move I found my text for Electricity and Magnetism and there were homework papers in which I was all well I passed this class with an A so I knew what this crazy formula stuff was at one time.


This deserves a proper math send up…


This is the actual proof of the snake lemma! In a movie!! Consider me flabbergasted.


Oh man, watching the original clip just made the meme even more amusing to me because of the music. Would love to see a short clip of that scene with math formulas overlayed on top lol :stuck_out_tongue:


As an EE, I understood those words.

ETA: speaking of words, was the last word in that scene “fuckface”?




Several sources confirm that it is indeed.


You’ve not seen that? I was in grad school when it came out, it provoked much interesting discussion among my peers.


I was less than 10 in '80, and somehow never ran across it. I’m definitely going to have to check it out. I loves me some homological algebra.


I was 2. But I showed it before I proved it in class.


Man, I love Twitter.


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