WATCH: A lady goes insane trying to comprehend computers

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Makes me think of

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That’s… not made seriously? What? slave-traders?

Hope she never has to use a microwave. sheesh.

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Holy crap that was creepy.

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See ladies? Better leave the hard thinkin’ to the menfolk, you just worry about makin’ dinner.

of course , setting is everything !!

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“Food processors I can understand, but computers seem to work by magic.” My new motto.


Was that from before 1986, or just made for D.P. who needed to drop out of SAG?
Everybody’s seen the Atom 1.0 editor video (on the github channel on YouTube,) right? Atomic-age staging, no lines (VO,) metadissonance only.

Which was my favorite stereotype: photocopying the 8" disk, or putting on glasses at the end to show she was now smart? Not sure I can choose between those two chestnuts.

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Just more of the world where news announcers are picked for their comprehension of Terrence McKenna’s thesis of an androcentric fabricated world. …er, no, not as an all-sectors buy. News From Westeros is much better than Graywater Station, yikes.

Does anybody know the original context/source for this? Because I don’t think it’s serious.

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The original source is

Search for “computers” and this is the first thing that comes up. They’re like Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace, in that they do stuff to mimic classic VHS shittiness, except they have more than six videos.

ETA: they could actually be recording on busted up VHS equipment to make it authentic. I forgot that VHS and Hi-8 cameras still exist, albeit not in mint condition.

Oh, thanks! I didn’t realize they were the creators. Shoulda read more…

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