Randomly weird stock photo of the day: Hamburger Hell-hole




Truly bizarre. It’s obviously a salmon background.


first she was scared of the hamburgers but then she thought look at them buns.


Yes, she looks inexplicably hopeful in the latter, I hope it’s for what you suggested


I like the attention to detail. I mean when you blow your prop budget on a Big Mac, you’ve got to use computer magic to turn it into a menacing circle of Big Macs. And that means moving the top bun around a bit between shots.


Back in high school, when astronauts roamed the moon, friend Dirk sometimes tripped on acid (ingested LSD, an illegal hallucinogen, for all you young people). During one of his weirder trips, he sat in a corner repeating the question “where’s my burger?”. Until the trip turned bad, He then flailed his hands in the air at invisible tormentors, and moaned “fuck those helicopters”.

Me, I damaged my brain with rosin fumes instead. Real engineers program with solder.

I’m glad the digital generation can achieve the same effects with photomanipulation instead of chemistry.


Did they get Yoda to write the captions?


The real nightmare begins…


If 8 burgers started flying around my head, I’d be scared too.


How can she be flying around the burgers when the burgers are flying around her?!



Maybe there’s an eco-message here. Those might be burgers she threw away years ago…and whose spirits have returned from the landfill…where they have not decomposed. Either that or they are arrogant veggie burgers forcing themselves on her…for her own good.

Or not. Cryptic food imagery is challenging.




Man, I’ve been there. When I had to spend a night in a haunted castle, nobody told me it was a White Castle.


This is even better than cyber woman with corn !


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