Halloween-themed hamburger promises to give you nightmares


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/10/18/halloween-themed-hamburger-pro.html


For me, all they would have to do is put onions or split-pea soup on it. If I’m gassy in my sleep, the nightmares will come…

But yeah, this erodes reality further for both conspiracy nuts and anti-science, science-is-all-made-up/data-is-all-faked folks all in one fell swoop.


Its an interesting campaign, i don’t quite agree that it’s a sound idea and gimmick but BK does at least have the guts to try weird stuff like this so i’ll give them that. Curious how many people will eat this specifically to try to get nightmares at night


To compete, in this public relations arms race of symptoms, other chains like Taco Bell and Chipotle are claiming their products will cause “stomach cramps and diarrhea.” Which is odd, because they already do that.


eating something from Burger King IS the nightmare.


I don’t eat a lot of fast food these days and BK usually isn’t my choice but i don’t think their food is bad. It’s just… alright, nothing special. I do like them more than Carl’s Jr or Wendy’s but if i want a tasty burger i have better choices for sure.


It’s their way of appealing to millennials trying trendy new cleanses.


a wendy’s chicken sandwich. That I can et behind…because its an actual piece of chicken.


I personally stay away from fast food chicken, sometimes i might give it a whirl but very rarely. I have heard good things about Wendy’s sammich but as i rule i don’t eat at that chain after several years worth of disastrous restaurant visits.


as a vegetarian, eating a meatburger IS my nightmare.


Eating all those chemicals will surely give anyone nightmares. I have I suppose what others call nightmares. I embrace them. My dreams and nightmares are my escape from reality and I induce my psyche to remember almost all of them. I would encourage anyone to try lucid dreaming. TedTalks has some speakers who describe their lucid dreaming methods. I’m no expert, but I believe it helps me sort out difficult aspects of life.


I’ll stick with Welsh rarebit, thanks.



I just skim read that, but my take away is that Mr Beschizza says that “Jews have chem trails.” It sounds totally bonkers to me; but it is on the Internet, so, I guess it must be true.


When you are familiar with fresh, real hamburgers from a charcoal grill, the nightmare is eating these sweetened meat-slurry food-like substances on buns that melt if they get wet.


Give me haggis! It works everytime… if you want haunting nightmares.


That’s a fun and creepy story. There was a rumor it was an actual experiment, but you know… the internet.


That sounds offal


I’ve never had haggis in my life and if I lived a thousand lives I would have to be tied down and force fed haggis. YUCKY!


OIC what you did there… clever Mr. Devil.