Here's the winner of the 2018 Best Illusion of the Year Contest


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Other illusions by Kokichi Sugihara:


A wonderful thing! I literally just said out loud ‘booooooiiiiiinnnggg!’ when the hand came in and started turning the thing. boingboing indeed.


I can tell by the pixels.




It was the combination of the illusion itself and that awful music:


“Triply Ambiguous Object” was my nickname in college.


Triply awesome!

Also, I am very pleased that there exists an organization named The Neural Correlate Society.




Didn’t I see, just a few days ago, a different illusion named as best of 2018? (Had the same logo at start of video.) Don’t make me go look for it …
(Tomorrow, maybe.)


Different year, perhaps?


It was this one. I thought it was billed as the winner wherever it was I saw it, but it turns out it got 2018 second prize.


Don’t pay for an extra dimension you’re not going to use.


Thought it would be a toss-up between 45s tired “Believe me!” schtick and the Saudi touring magic troupe and their “Saw a man in half” routine.

Pleasantly disappointed.


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