Watch these new videos for the 2023 Best Illusion of the Year Contest

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Cool stuff! The XRAYHEAD sort of looks like it got its inspiration from the Rubber Hand Illusion. I like it.


I know how the first one works. It is the same as the ambiguous cylinder illusion that made the rounds awhile ago, where it looks either like a square or a circle cylinder, and the opposite in the mirror.

Someone took that idea and used a much more complex shape to replicate the illusion. Awesome! Oh wait, not someone, the guy who came up with the original illusion, Kokichi Sugihara, has topped himself!


Yes, I think the key is that the two hands are doing the exact same thing, which reinforces the mind’s sense that what they are seeing must really be happening to their own body. Oliver Sacks wrote about that.


Ooo, I think I want to experience the XRAYHEAD illusion


Took me a while to realize why they weren’t turning the rest of the bugs to demonstrate the illusion: That’s the point of the mirror. They’d placed them all, by the time I realized the mirror’d critters were also flying away.

The audio tempo reminds me of Infected Mushrooms Viscous Delicious, which has a section that seems to be constantly increasing in tempo until you can’t take any more.

Great stuff!


You know the one where the guy makes a playing card go through the glass window at a zoo, and the Orangutan is super impressed? I can’t figure out how they did that without fancy video editing. Maybe I’m dumb.

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That’s sad news… Oh, you mean he’s improved on his original illusion :smile:

I really like the car-drives-through-a-wall (though I could have done without the TERF reference); practical effects and tricks are so cool.

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I didn’t really understand what I was supposed to be hallucinating with that audio illusion – it just sounds chaotic to me – but then I have severe difficulty clapping along to anything, so I wonder if this is something specifically amiss with my brain.

Or the Shepard tone:

Put to good use here:

(ETA video is the full album track with intro, cue to 1:18 for the main event)


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