Here's why the new James Webb Space Telescope is so damn cool

No, not really. Hubble was/is in an orbit that was reachable by the Space Shuttle so that astronauts were able to make repairs. Webb will orbit 1.5 million km from Earth at the second Lagrange point AKA L2 that is effectively unreachable by humans. I guess that given decades a robot might be sent to make repairs at a distance but I wouldn’t expect that such a feat could be accomplished either politically or scientifically. L2 is effectively the end of the line.


This is great! Thanks for posting this, David!


This is powerful enough to see the repeating pattern in the “starfield” around us, so I’d be amazed if it’s allowed to function.

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I use duckduckgo on mobile and don’t have that issue.

< begin excessive and undue optimism >
“” At its closest (perihelion), Mars is 206 million km distant. “”
“” Earth-L2 distance: 1.5 million Km . “”
“” The time-averaged distance between the centers of Earth and the Moon is 385,000.6 km “”
there are 2 moon capable launchers in this country in mid development for manned missions , one of these is allegedly aimed for mars for 2026
sooo , only , perhaps , temporarily unreachable ?
< end excessive and undue optimism >

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