Here's why you shouldn't rinse dishes before putting in the dishwasher

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This reminds me of my favorite lazyness justifying fact.

I’ve got a lot of sleep problems. And a sleep specialized doctor advised me to stop making my bed to improve my sleep.

Tightly making the bed traps the moisture you sweat out while sleeping, and the moister environment leads to higher populations of dust mites in your bed cloths. Leaving the bed unmade is best, as it allows the bed cloths to air out and dry. Reducing the number of dust mites. Large numbers of dust mites make you itchy, fucking with your ability to get to sleep. So you want to reduce the little bastards.

Also apparently a good move for people with dust mites allergies. And changing your sheets more often helps as well.


27 gallons! On average?! Jeebus H Christo! Don’t these people have plugs? I think I’ve had baths that used less water.


If you’re washing your dishes so clean that the detergent can’t stick… why are you using the dishwasher?


I’ve also heard if your bed is near a window, leaving it unmade allows the sun to kill things living on you sheets.


FWIW, I pull back the covers so that the pillows, fitted sheet, and the inner side of the duvet are all exposed to light and air for the day. It’s not ‘made’, but at least it’s neat.


Washing them every once in a while probably does that too.


I’m sure a lot of it is people who have been burned by dishwashers made 30+ years ago, but I’m still skeptical about even newer ones in a realistic setting.

Most dishes are really easy to clean when they’re fresh, but I can’t seem to convince anyone (at work or home) to either clean it immediately or put a bit of water in there while it sits. I just can’t see any dish washer cleaning a dried oatmeal bowl. Same with dried coffee at the bottom of a mug.


The top rack of my dishwasher doesn’t do well with sticky food debris, even in small quantities, so I only put things in that rack like teacups and sandwich plates. The water jets aren’t forceful enough for any ‘scraping’, so the dishes need to have minimal remains that will dissolve readily or rinse easily.


newer dishwashers—those purchased within the last five years or so—won’t wash your dishes for very long if the sensors in the machine don’t detect much dirt in the water.

Well there you go. My dishwasher is an old POS, so i definitely need to rinse it off because otherwise the dishes come out worse.


I have an older dishwasher that doesn’t have the ability to heat the water, so a rinse insures that water going into the dishwasher is piping hot. Also a soak in the sink ahead of time saves lots of effort. Cold water immediately applied to dishes that had egg is a real timesaver when it come time to wash.


I was going to say - when I hand wash dishes, I plug the sink, and by the time I’m done the sink is around half full. How the heck do you go through 27 gallons of water washing dishes?


The only thing I can think of is that they assume the handwashed dishes are being run through a constant stream of hot water from the open tap which never gets shut off until the dishes are all washed, which just flows down the drain.


Tried this business. Didn’t work. You can lightly soap and soak dishes for a few minutes if needed, and rinse/brush lightly before putting them in the washer, and it all comes out far better than trying this little experiment of “find the bowl with the Grape-Nuts relief map art in the dry dishes”. I don’t know what kind of Internet of Shit D-Washer (D-Bro? I see what happened there) these people have. Probably something you can afford if you spent $250K on a villa at the Fyre Festival. My dishwasher has no space age magic cling AI technology (now with dark side of the moon plant growing retsin!).


My experience is that modern dishwashers work fine with minimal rinsing if you run them right after a meal. But I live alone and don’t use a lot of pots and pans so using the dishwasher after every meal doesn’t make sense. It takes me about 2-3 days to fill the dishwasher and if I don’t rinse well they simply don’t get clean.

Lately I have discovered those soap filled scrubbers and find I can get the dishes completely clean without the dishwasher, and I like the way that Clean As You Go keeps me from procrastinating unloading a dishwasher or worse clean a sink full of dirty dishes. The fallacy of saving time by letting things soak ends up wasting time as you can’t soak many dishes before they start getting the water dumped out by the dishes piled on top shifting them.

The important part seems to be to get everything clean after every meal no matter what.


Clearly, washing dishes is an ecological disaster. I vote that we all switch to using paper plates.


And that they take a break mid way through washing the dishes to take a phone call and have a cup of tea and some toast, without turning off the taps…

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From what I have seen, that is what people who “rinse” their dishes before using the dishwasher do. Hold dish under water, possibly hit with scrub brush for a few seconds, then put in the dishwasher. Repeat. It uses way more water than either the dishwasher or hand washing by filling the basin. I’ve seen my super water conscious hippie aunt do this, although she collects the water to use in the garden. Their claim is that dishwashers that don’t need rinsing consume more water than ones that don’t. Which may be true, but the difference is way less than the amount they use pre-rinsing. Of course, their dishwasher is 20 years old, so it may have been the most efficient one available at the time. On the other hand, if you believe dishes need to be rinsed before the dishwasher, and you are loading a few dishes at a time, accumulating enough for a full load, then it is hard to do anything else.

I have a really hard time with this claim. Not that I am right and it is wrong but just that having worked in food service for over 10 years in my misguided yoot, scrape rinse and run through the dishwasher to clean and sanitize. Also air dry. Albeit this was 35 years ago. Where’s my onion belt?