Hero bicyclist narrows streets near FCC and offers drivers $5 "Priority Access" so drivers can "choose the plan that best suits their needs"


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Farking AWESOME !!
I love it. Is this a route that the FCC takes to work?


Well, I’ll kick off the “This is’t a great metaphor” discussion. The individual drivers using the roads are more akin to end-users, accessing websites/businesses in their personal devices/vehicles. ISPs have always “throttled” end users (sold them various qualities/speeds of access) by having tiered consumer plans, which Net Neutrality doesn’t cover, correct? A more accurate, though less effective message would be to charge the businesses to open up fast lanes directly to their brick and mortars. Right?


Bliss told The Next Web that his performance was accomplished thanks to the admirable forebearance of the DC cops who have “a lot of great training and also experience due to frequent interactions with nonviolent protestors.”

Not to mention the fact that, once the protest was explained to them, the cops didn’t want tiered-cable-style Internet service any more than the rest of us do.


This is illustrating exactly what trump wants to do with our nations roadways. “Express” lanes are already taking us there. The privileged ride past the poors everyday.

Pipes is pipes.


I’m sure we’ll get self-driving cars that simply won’t function on “premium” lanes or roadways without some sort of paid subscription, eventually…


That line at the end about people driving reckless to avoid the cones, almost spit taked my coffee! So next week will more people do this all around the FCC?


That sounds like demand-based congestion pricing to me… having seen the impact it made in certain Asian cities, I’m not sure this is a bad thing when the alternative is insane gridlock…


He’s throttling (lanes of) a street, not drivers.


Yes, but charging the drivers, not the businesses. Isn’t Netflix more analogous to a Blockbuster video than a person in a Toyota Camry?


He has to do it on the street outside Ajit Pai house, on his way to work.


Oh! I see what you mean. Yeah… to be fair… I feel like that would require a whole critical mass of bicyclists throttling street access to certain business venues unless those venues pay up.

Still… not a bad show for the individual cyclist. :slight_smile:


right -so you do it outside of Verizon headquarters early morning when all their employees are trying to get to work and park.


The cars also won’t let you drive anywhere where you aren’t supposed to be.




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