Hi-res 3D printing just got affordable with this new maker

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That will surely be useful for some projects, but the 1/2” height limitation is pretty severe. The images of example prints on the website appear larger than that. Am I missing something?


Or double the resolution, bigger build volume, and 2/3 the price:

And that was with 30 seconds of searching.


A coworker of mine has one of these and she has brought in some of its output.

Not quite up to the FormLabs Form 2 we have in the office, but the Elegoo prints are fantastic for the price.

Buy from amazon and support BB.


Dear BoingBoing. Please get your shop to at least try and set a good example with its copywriting.

We all knew that 3D printing was too cool of an innovation…

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The rest of the dimensions aren’t much better. That’s an absurdly small print volume.

Compare with something like the Monoprice MP Mini and it’s hard to see what makes this so great.


20µm layers, your monoprice has 200µm layers.


Yeah, that didn’t remotely make any sense to me, either. Turns out, it appears that’s a badly misplaced decimal point. The actual dimensions are: 98.6mm by 55.4mm by 125mm, i.e. almost 5 inches.


must… resist… obvious… joke


Note: This is an SLA 3D printer. If you don’t know how an SLA 3D printer differs from an FDM 3D printer - the usual kind that prints from a spool of plastic - then please do a whole lot of research before considering this.

SLA (stereolithography) printers make things out of an ultraviolet-curable resin. The printed objects are very nice, but the resin itself is pretty noxious: it stinks, it’s environmentally hazardous, and it presents some nontrivial health risks. Both printing and finishing parts requires quite a lot more maintenance and trial-and-error than conventional (fused deposition modeling or “FDM”) 3D printers.


and here is what an FDM version of that same “tower of pi” print looks like from 7 years ago https://flic.kr/p/n8nUu2

The thing I appreciate about gadget posts like this is the conversations that can happen. Thanks @Dioptase1 and @comedian for the discussion of the Elegoo alternative, and @sfsdfd for the info about SLA vs FDM. I may be getting to the point where I finally buy a 3D printer.

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